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With AppMaker, you can easily turn your website into a fully functional app without any coding knowledge, and in just a few clicks!

Convert Website to App in just 3 Steps

Effortlessly transform your website into a fully functional app using the App Maker.

Create an App

Convert your website into a captivating app effortlessly with App Maker. All you need is the website URL and name of your app.

Customize Design

Unleash your creativity by personalizing your app's logo, splash screen, theme, dark mode, orientation, and other advanced features.

Download & Publish

Simply build your app in 5-10 minutes. Download, test, and effortlessly publish your app to the Play Store or App Store.




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An AppMaker for every business

A local store or a multinational chain, an on-demand delivery platform or a service provider, build an app for any business. Launch premium Android and iOS apps without coding.



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Events & Tickets


Custom App

Website to AppMaker that's Easy and Powerful

Convert your website to Mobile App using AppMaker. Here are the features that makes AppMaker the most powerful Web to App converter.

No coding required

Convert Website to App without any coding experience or installing any software.

Push Notification

Send unlimited push notification with custom action to app users using Firebase.

App UI

We offer tons of UI features which can make your app stand out.


Chat with your users to offer them valuable support.

Fast build time

Convert your website to a mobile app within less than 10 minutes.

Instant App Updates

Your app is updated automatically on app start. No need to resubmit builds to stores for approval.

Key Features

Improve mobile app user experience, monitor your app and setting up push notifications to boost up user engagement for better branding and customer retention.

Personalised Push Notification

Personalize User Engagement

Send unlimited push notifications and in-app messages that are tailored to individual users or groups to improve engagement and conversions.


Track Your Users

Integrate your app with Firebase Services like, Analytics, Crashlytics, Performance and track your users

Automatic Connectivity Check

Diagnose Issues

Diagnose potential connectivity problems between your website and application. Get notified as soon as we can’t connect to your app. We’ll check your website every hour

Multiplatform App

Available for all platforms

AppMaker is a versatile platform that supports a range of Android and iOS devices, including phones, tablets, and ipads in various sizes.

Publish App

Automatically publish to stores

Make hassle updates to your app . With our automated publishing, you can sit back and relax while we build, publish, and send your app for review on Play Store and App Store.

Other Features

Discover over 50 powerful features designed to elevate your app customization and distinguish it from the competition. Explore a selection of these features below:

No Internet View

Avoid user frustration and confusion with customizable No Internet View, and replace infinite loader when the app is used without an internet connection.

Pull To Refresh

Handle general usage scenarios and quickly refresh content with pull to refresh, a user-friendly UI feature offered by AppMaker for mobile apps.

Custom User Agent

Identify whether the request is coming from website or mobile app by integrating custom user agent from AppMaker platform.

Apply Custom Fonts

AppMaker offers a wide range of customizable fonts for use in apps, with over 1400 options available in various weights, sizes, and other customization options.

Page Loader

Customize the native page loader with over 50 design options, adjust the color, and size to personalize with your brand guidelines.

App Review

Request your mobile app users to leave reviews of your app on the Stores. It helps the mobile app in increasing organic reach, and app improvement.

App Onboarding

Help users on how to use the mobile app with App Onboarding by providing a series of screens introducing app features and functions, with tutorials or tips.

Apply External CSS

Modify the look of your app from website by applying external CSS styles and change look and feel exclusively within the app.

Apply Custom JavaScript

AppMaker offers flexibility to explore the creative side of your and enable unlimited possibilities with applying custom JavaScript.

Remove Elements

Improve user experience by removing unwanted elements such as website header, footer, and menu when creating the app.

Multi Domain Apps

AppMaker enables the creation of mobile apps using multi-domain websites, allowing users to use multiple websites in a single app.

Hamburger Menu

Apply native customizable hamburger menu from 3 styles, used for collapsible and expandable navigation menu.

What our clients say!

Marc Stov

App Maker is such a powerful and versatile tool for converting websites into apps. I'm amazed at how easy it is to customize my app with the intuitive UI. Not only that, but the automatic deployment feature makes it incredibly convenient to manage all of my apps across multiple stores. I can also send notifications and monitor user behaviour quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend App Maker!

Rock Lee

App Maker is the best software to convert my website to an app. It's easy to use, highly customizable, and I was able to send notifications and monitor users with ease. The best part was that App Maker handled the automatic deployment of the app to stores seamlessly. I'm very satisfied with their service!

Lena Headley

App Maker is the perfect solution for anyone looking to convert their website into an app. It's simple, intuitive interface makes it a breeze to use, and the customization options such as themes, dark mode, notifications and user monitoring are incredible. Plus you can preview your app before you publish it so you know exactly what you're getting! Highly recommend App Maker!

Ajay Yadav

App Maker is an amazing tool for website owners who want to quickly and easily convert their websites into apps. The available options such as themes, dark mode, notifications and monitoring of users has made it incredibly easy to tailor the app to my exact needs. Plus, with the ability to preview the app before publishing, I can rest assured that I'm putting out a great product. Overall, App Maker has been a game changer for me!

frequently asked questions

AppMaker takes care of all your app development needs and powers you to build the perfect apps with minimum resources. In fact, all you need to get started is a website. No matter which platform your website is built on, you can create an app for it. If you already have your brand assets, you can add them to your app design, or create everything from scratch. Our app builder is extremely intuitive and makes the app development process really simple. Our app builder is extremely intuitive and does all the heavy lifting for you.

Certainly. Most low-code or no-code app builders come with some amount of learning curve, but we’ve designed AppMaker differently. It is a true no-code DIY app creator. This means that you don’t have to write a single line of code to build an app. Therefore, you are not required to learn any programming language. In fact, the app building process remains the same for any one and suits even those who are not willing to go through any technically intensive process.

You can create any type of app with AppMaker. Our app maker is designed to convert any website to a mobile app. You can build apps for almost any industry. Whether you wish to build an app for a retail website, dating website, LMS or any other type of business, you can do it without coding. You can add blogs, pages, posts, products, etc., and modify your app settings and features accordingly. The app can also be synced with the website to pull the data and bring it to the app.

AppMaker offers support for all kinds of websites. No matter which technology you’ve used to build your website, you can create an app for it. We also offer deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce and if you have websites built on these platforms, you can opt for the same. This will unlock more features and functionalities. Else, you can create apps for websites powered by any other technology or CMS platform as well.

You can build a mobile app in minutes. AppMaker is designed to expedite every step of app development with point-and-click design options and seamless preview features. Therefore, the process becomes really easy and quick. However, you can spend as much time perfecting your apps as you want. Ideally, it only takes a few minutes to put the app design and features together.

You can easily build and maintain your mobile apps even if you don’t have a technical background with mobile apps. Since AppMaker is a no-code DIY platform, all workflows are automated and don’t any form of coding. In general, your app’s speed and security will largely depend on your website. As long as your website is fast and secure, your app will also work smoothly, thereby eliminating the need for any additional maintenance work.

Yes, you can edit your app in the dashboard. Navigate to the “edit” menu, and you will see the features to edit. You can change the site information, navigation display, bottom navigation, colors, and other details.

Absolutely not. Just like your normal website visitors, everything depends on the number of your App users as app will communicate directly with your website.

Only if you want to publish your App in Google Play Store or App Store. Once you build the apps, you’ll get the APK and AAB (for Android app). You can also request us to publish the app on your behalf with custom order.

Build an app with AppMaker!

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